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Employee of the Month

Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson is MCHS maintenance lead tech. He has worked for the hospital system for a total of 17 years. Chad daily job duties are honestly limitless. There is never a moment when he does not have his hands on some equipment to keep the facility running smoothly or providing the required hourly system checks. He starts his day setting up job crew schedules, works with contractors, assist with work orders, preventive maintenance checks, responding to calls to the departments, completing paperwork, then he breaks for lunch. His afternoon is just as packed. Chad enjoys what he does because he knows he is making a difference to better our facilities. I was able to spend some time with Chad the afternoon he was announced as the employee of the month, Kleesha Windle said. He took me on a behind the scenes tour and blew me away with the versatility of knowledge he had for our hospital's operating equipment from the boilers to chillers, to electrical equipment, the vast fire alarm panels, the departments transitioning to a computerized electronic HVAC monitoring system, the water coolers, the steamers, the regulators, the generators.. the list is endless. Every question I threw at him to get a better understanding of his role, he answered with such pride. Not only does Chad work with the major equipment, he is also versed with the smaller fixes with power tools, key fabrication, painting, and other general repair needs. Chad has two certifications, boiler operator and ADEQ. Chad believes in his team in plant operations. He said the guys are family and he couldn't do his job without them. Chad enjoys assisting past his department and expands out to the other departments to all patients and visitors. His passion is to ensure the guest to this facility are as comfortable as possible. Chris Raymer, CEO was very proud of Chad and all the excellence he brings to our hospital team. When Chad is not at work, he is at home enjoying his family, shooting some hoops, fishing, or his absolute favorite: grilling. Chad's director Stephen Lewis, was very excited for Chad and acknowledge on how hard he works day in and day out, many times after hours and on call backs. "Chad is one of those reliable guys that will work until the job is done". As part of his employee of the month, Chad will carry the title of King of Maintenance.

Congratulations Chad! We appreciate you more than our program of Celebrate U can express and you have touched so many with your charm, expertise, hard work and genuine compassion.