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Employee of the Month

Brenda Merriweather

Brenda has been employed with MCHS for 12 years. She works in the Great River Medical Center Food and Nutrition department. Brenda can be found working all over the department in the kitchen, cleaning station, cafeteria line, cashier, delivering carts to patient rooms, setting up meeting spaces and assisting in the menu preparations. Chief Nursing Officer, Felicia Pierce commented, Mrs. Brenda excels in her daily job and flashes her smile making everyone around her comfortable and confident.

Brenda was nominated by her supervisor, Linda Plunkett. Mrs. Linda shared that Brenda goes above and beyond, she is an immense help to the dietary department. Brenda is the example of what a dedicated employee is and she embraces each day to make a difference. Brenda greets everyone by name and if she doesn't know you, she will make sure she gets to know you.

CEO, Chris Raymer presented Mrs. Brenda the Celebrate U award acknowledging her for her compassionate service and always providing the best of herself to our hospital. Brenda is currently enrolled and on track to become a certified food service supervisor.

Brenda loves working in the food and nutrition department because of her coworkers. She said everyone communicates so well, and we will all jump right in to assist each other to complete the menu, food, or cleanup for the day. Brenda also loves working her department because she is part of the patient's health plan. Dietary is providing that crucial healthy meal that the patient needs to recover from their surgery or illness and we accommodate all the patients and customize to their meal plans. We also serve a very healthy lunch menu to the staff and visitors. On a daily average, the cafeteria will serve over 200 guest.

In her spare time, Brenda loves to fish, explaining that fishing provides so much to and for someone. She remembers all the great memories fishing with her family and how proud to prepare and eat the meal that was caught. Brenda is an avid novel reader. Any genre, any author, she just simply loves the different adventures each book takes her on.

Brenda comes from a large family, 12 other siblings. She has 4 kids and 8 grandkids. Brenda can be known around her family as "Cookie".

Congratulations to Brenda Merriweather!