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This is a picture of doctors and nurses huddling in a circle smiling
This is a picture of doctors and nurses huddling in a circle smiling

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy (FAP)
Plain Language Summary (FAP)

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How We Provide Patient Financial Assistance

1. Are you uninsured?
2. Do you have an insurance co-payment or deductible for hospitals services that you are having difficulty paying?
If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you may be eligible for financial assistance by Mississippi County Hospital System.

Help for those who need it:

We realize that hospital care can be expensive and is often unexpected, so to help meet the needs of low-income uninsured and underinsured people who use our hospitals, Mississippi County Hospital System has a consistent Patient Financial Assistance policy. Following principles and guidelines set by the American Hospital Association and the Arkansas Hospital Association, the policy establishes standards for charity care, billing and debt collection practices, and assisting low income patients with discounted hospital charges.

We actively screen, monitor and identify patient accounts that may benefit from financial assistance as soon as possible, provide counseling, information and language interpretation and make every reasonable effort to assist you in meeting in financial obligations. When necessary, we also help you understand and participate in our financial assistance options. This includes billing statements that alert you to the availability of assistance, as well as limits on account collection activities.


Eligibility for financial assistance is based on an evaluation of income and expense information. For low-income, uninsured patients earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines (FPL), we fully forgive the entire bill. For individuals who qualify between 201-400 percent of the FPL, we offer financial assistance based on a schedule with share-of-cost discounts.

Mississippi County Hospital System's financial assistance policy reflects our commitment to the community and our mission and values in a way that is also financially responsible and consistent for all parties.

Non-covered services

Please be advised that payment for hospital services does not include those services provided by independent contract physicians. For Mississippi County Hospital System, these include: emergency physicians, attending physicians, consulting physicians, radiologist, and pathologist.

To see if you qualify or if you feel you could benefit from more financial assistance information, please contact our financial counselor at MCHS: Keoshia Whitehorn 870-838-7453 or Business Office Director, Terri Browning 870-838-7119, or please complete the online financial assistance application and mail to Patient Accounts P.O. Box 167, Blytheville, AR 72316.

Fill out the online Financial Application now!


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